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What is Case Specific Nutrition?

At A.M. Wade Nutrition Group LLC, we affiliate with the fundamental principle that there is no universal healthy lifestyle. Instead, caloric intake, macronutrient distribution, supplementation, and fitness regimens should all be tailored to each individual. Said another way, pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is “Case Specific”. Our company bases all of our products and services on this core belief. The concept of Case Specific Nutrition is a commitment to maximizing the health and wellness of our clients using diet and exercise as the catalysts for success.

The Consulting Services offered by A.M. Wade Nutrition Group LLC are individualized to your need. We will provide you with a meal plan containing defined nutrient goals based on your food preferences, daily schedule, and personal goals. In addition to this information, we will teach you to exchange foods, add flavor without sacrificing nutrition, and properly assess what your body needs. The key to success in nutrition is learning to feed your body!

Without proper education and guidance, the health and wellness industry can be difficult to navigate. With the help of our Consulting Services, blog posts, articles, and videos, you can learn to feed your body what it needs, and more importantly, increase your confidence as a consumer!

Andrew Wade

Andrew M. Wade, RDN, LDN is the founder and owner of Case Specific Nutrition. Andrew counsels full time at his office in Shadyside, and at his contracts throughout the Pittsburgh area. When he isn’t working on CSN, Andrew devotes time to his other business, Pittsburgh Fitness Council, writes for the Post-Gazette Community Voices Page, and sits on the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Board of Directors as the Diversity Chair.

In addition to Andrew, there are 4 other Dietitians in the CSN family. You Can learn more about the CSN team here.

For more information about Andrew or Case Specific Nutrition, please contact us, or visit casespecificnutrition.com!

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